Helicopter Tours in Belarus

Helicopter Tours in Belarus

One of the priorities of AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) remains organising sightseeing air tours around Belarus. For this purpose, a helicopter is provided and a customised sightseeing tour programme is developed to best suit the client’s wishes.


Helicopter tours have their many advantages:

  • you can explore the most interesting sights in just a short period of time,
  • the flight itself gives you a feeling of excitement and vivid emotions,
  • helicopter tours are best combined with celebrations, so that you get to spend the holiday in the sky,
  • helicopters are not limited to a particular city or a specific area, and can easily cover long distances at the client’s request,
  • the panoramic views offered by helicopter tours give you the golden chance to take unique photos, selfies included,
  • the guide provided by AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will tell you interesting facts about the sights,
  • a helicopter tour makes a great gift for the occasion and without.


How to Book a Helicopter Tour

To book a helicopter tour with AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), all you have to do is make your wishes known to us either by calling or writing us. We will need to know:

– your planned number of travellers,

– what sights and places you would like to see (we can also recommend lots of breathtaking sights!),

– if you prefer a particular aircraft model,

– if you need escort and support services (transfer, guide, snacks on board, festival facilitation, music),

– your departure point,

– your contact details.

If you have problems identifying the exact places you would like to visit, we can create a customised programme just for you. This may be a tour of the most famous sights, a flight to the “unknown” beauty of Belarus or over natural architectural masterpieces and picturesque landscapes.

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We provide modern aircraft, modern models by the world’s leading manufacturers: Robinson, Airbus Eurocopter, Mil, Вell and Sikorsky. Customers get to choose to fly either on the single or twin-engine version, their desired level of comfort and additional options. This type of flight is absolutely safe, and leaves you with only positive emotions.

Popular Sightseeing Tours in Belarus

Let’s find out which places in Belarus especially fascinate tourists. The country has many monasteries and temples, ancient streets, unique architectural monuments, castles; there are ethnographic villages, unusual modern buildings, picturesque corners of nature. Only you can choose, and we will consider several of the best visited areas.


Flying over Brest

Waiting to be explored by you in the Brest Region are magnificent historical and natural monuments. You will fly through a breeze over the famous Białowieża Forest – the oldest forest in Europe, you will get to see the points of the Struve Geodetic Arc, which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, an ancient wooden city dating back to the 13th century, and the main attraction of the city – Brest Fortress. Some inexperienced travellers think that it will not be possible to get a good view of the objects from a helicopter. But that is far from being true; the copter’s wide-view windows allow you to capture every detail and even take unique camera shots.


Bird’s Eye View of Vitebsk Region

Another place frequented by tourists is the city of Vitebsk and its surrounding region. Here, guests get to experience the unique beauty of natural monuments such as the Braslaw Lakes National Park and the Yelnya Landscape Reserve. Azure-water reservoirs, glaciers and upland moors — all this looks much grander from high up in the air, and besides, you will never get tired or bored. As if this is not enough, you also get to admire the ancient architectural monuments and picturesque streets.

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The Unique Architecture of Grodno

If your tour route passes through the Grodno Region, the palaces and castles of fabulous splendour will appear in front of your admiring gaze. They have retained the ancient charm from the time of the legendary European dynasties. The panorama of the many ancient temples and beautiful landscapes, as if created by the artist’s brush, complement the overall view. Want to see where the Grand Duchy of Lithuania originated? It was here in Navahrudak, and in Kreva, significant events in the history of Belarus itself occurred.


Panoramic Views of Gomel

In Gomel and its surrounding region fly those wishing to explore the legendary Polesie. See with your own eyes the places that Herodotus wrote about, admire Pripyat Valley and its salt deposits, be enchanted by the ancient city of Turov, appreciate the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence palace and park complex, get acquainted with the local miniature “Golden Ring”, which includes the ancient Mazyr, Chachersk, Rechytsa – if you rent a copter with AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), you can do all this and more in just a few hours.


The Capital and Surrounding Region

To ignore the capital of Belarus would be an unfortunate omission for tourists. But this you can forget if you have your own helicopter. There are many interesting historical places in Minsk and its surrounding region. These include the world-famous Nesvizh Castle, the famous Narachanski National Park, and the country’s heritage sites of the ancient towns of Borisov, Slutsk, Myadzyel, Zaslawye, Maladzyechna, Brilevskoye Pole and the Mound of Glory … too many to list; it’s easier to simply book a helicopter tour and view all these sights and more with your own eyes.

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Unresolved Mogilev

Experienced tourists often choose Mogilev and its surrounding region as a key destination. Once upon a time, a legendary road passed “from the Varangians to the Greeks” through here. Today, there remain some historically valuable artefacts on the picturesque banks of the river, a 17th-century castle, the famous synagogue in Bykhaw, Potemkin’s Palace in Krychaw, the unique park ensemble in Zhilichi, the incredibly beautiful and original Mstsislaw, as well as Babruysk Fortress. Visiting this area just once leaves you with a feeling of unresolved mystery, and its inimitable atmosphere of antiquity is absolutely awe-inspiring.

 The helicopter will also complete a leisurely tour of those sights that travellers choose for themselves. If you like, the pilot can even make it “hang” in the air long enough for you to snap breathtaking photos and view the detail. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) organises turnkey flights, designed to make sure that all the guests are comfortable enough to experience truly vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions.


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